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We proudly introduce the winner and runner ups for the Bridgeman Studio Award 2014

The first Bridgeman Studio Award in partnership with Creative Review closed on Tuesday 20th May and we were overwhelmed with the amazing art that flooded in! A huge thank you from Team Studio to everyone who entered. It is with great pleasure we introduce the winner and our five runner ups...


Winner: Katie Edwards



Katie Edwards is an English illustrator living in the Lake District. She graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University, in Graphic Arts and Design with a First Class Honours. Her humorous, witty screenprints of animals is created using a mix of traditional photographic techniques, collage and hand-drawn images, with unusual compositions used to represent new ideas.

Katie has produced illustrations for editorial, publishing, advertising and design purposes, and has been featured in a number of galleries. Clients include Mail on Sunday, Saturday Times, Radio Times, and National Australia Bank.

'Joy' (2014) was created especially for the Bridgeman Studio Award 2014.

Joy for Bridgeman Studio, 2014 (Screen Print) by Katie Edwards


Council Debt for Inside Housing Magazine, 2011 (Screenprint) by Katie Edwards



The Runner Ups


Matthew Phinn studied Fine Art at the University of Leeds before moving to Japan to work as an artist-in-residency at different institutions. After another short residency in Bermuda, he moved to London where he now lives and works. His large-scale watercolours are influenced by traditional English landscape and elements of Japanese Sumie ink painting.

Matthew has exhibited around the world and last year won The Bath Prize. 2014 will be the third year he has been shortlisted for the Sunday Times Watercolour competition.


Bridgeman Studio asks: What inspires you as an artist?

"I love the act of painting and trying to find an effective way to translate what I see onto paper and canvas."



Dividing Lines, 2013, Matthew Phinn


Hsiaochi Yang describes herself as a "cheerful, enthusiastic, self-motivated" artist who enjoys creating joyful, humorous and fun illustrations that bring a smile to your face. She studied MA Illustration in Camberwell College of Arts, University of Arts London, and is currently working in London. Her artwork draws influence from both Western and Eastern colours and motifs.

Hsiaochi has freelanced on a variety of projects, including window design, print design and advertising design.



Bridgeman Studio asks: What inspires you as an artist?

"Cheese? Just kidding. I guess sometimes it just comes like a lightning strike, I just get an brilliant idea suddenly. Actually almost everything can inspire me: food, trips, buildings, conversations that I had with friends."

Mr & Mrs Happy Cat (Winter), Hsiaochi Yang


Mr & Mrs Happy Cat (Fall), Hsiaochi Yang



Olga Snell is a freelance digital artist living in the UK. Previously, she worked as a freelance commercial photographer for 25 years in Canada and the USA. She studied Multi Media Technology at Liverpool University. Her collages are often surreal but always distinctive.

Olga has worked with major advertising agencies, designers and international corporations including Apple, and has exhibited at the Liverpool Art Fair.


Bridgeman Studio asks: What inspires you as an artist?

"The illusion of Life! Everything around me is inspirational, art, music, people, nature, books..... I also happen to love vintage photographs and illustration and I've always been drawn to collage."


Blue Moon, 2014 (digital collage), Olga Snell / Bridgeman Studio


Flight, 2014 (digital collage), Olga Snell / Bridgeman Studio



Olivia Domingos is a UK-based illustrator, photographer and installation artist. She graduated from a Fine Art degree at Loughborough University in 2013. Her colourful and eye-catching illustrations offer a sharp and insightful view into pop culture society.

Since graduating, Olivia has been featured in numerous shows and publications, including the Two Queens Members Show (2013), Splash and Grab Magazine (2014) and the second issue of Trip Magazine (2014).


People in Pool, Olivia Dominigos


Bridgeman Studio asks: What inspires you as an artist?

"The current social model which sees the idea of celebrity being idolised, is a constant source of inspiration for my work. Youtube/twitter/instagram all inform my ideas daily, as does people watching on my way to work."

Man in Water, Olivia Dominigos


 Wall, Olivia Dominigos



Pollyanna is a London-based illustrator. She studied a national diploma in graphic design, and a higher national diploma in typography. She has always aspired to make art. Her naive-style illustrations are boldly colourful and universally recognisable.


Bridgeman Studio asks: What inspires you as an artist?

"On a visual level, everything from video games to couture fashion, geology and water towers! But most of all, I'm driven to create and tell stories through images - sometimes easy to decipher, sometimes more personal or complex."


For the Lols 3, Pollyanna


For the Lols 1, Pollyanna




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