Collection Spotlight: Don Troiani

Explore American realist artist Don Troiani's incredibly detailed military paintings and collection of artefacts ​

Lexington Common, Minutemen 19th of April 1775, 2010 (oil on canvas), Don Troiani / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images


Don Troiani (born 1949) is an acclaimed American painter and militaria collector. The subjects of his work are typically focussed on his native country's military heritage, largely from the American Revolution, the War of 1812 and the American Civil War. 



The Artist's Style

Troiani has a highly realistic oil and watercolour style that has lent itself well to marketed mass-produced printed limited-edition reproductions, illustrated books, book compilations, museum and government collections. 

To create his detailed paintings, Troiani uses posed models with equipment and clothing from his personal collection of insignia, original uniforms and weapons. He also examines weather conditions, battlefields and military structures firsthand, to successfully achieve the level of realism in his works.



"In painting of historical subject matter the artist must also be a meticulous researcher in order to recreate a snapshot of history as faithfully as possible. Regardless of the artist’s style the strength of the painting always comes from an intimate knowledge of historical events and material culture." 

- Don Troiani

Patriot Regimental Coat of Lt. Colonel Benjamin Holden of Doolittle's Minute Regt circa. 1775. / Private Collection / Photo © Don Troiani / Bridgeman Images


Brunswick Grenadier Cap captured at the Battle of Bennington 1777 / Massachusetts State Archives, Boston, MA., USA / Photo © Don Troiani / Bridgeman Images





"[Troiani's] meticulous research and impressive attention to detail, combined with extraordinary talent and feel for the era, has consistently enabled him to produce works of both outstanding accuracy and character."

- William A. Frassanito, author: "Gettysburg a Journey in Time", "Antietam,: The Photographic Legacy of Americas Bloodiest Day", "Grant and Lee: The Virginia Campaigns, 1864-1865."




Projects and Awards

In 1995, Troiani designed three Civil War battlefield commemorative coins for the United States Mint. His work has also appeared on a U.S. postal card commemorating the anniversary of the U.S. National Guard. The artist has even received the Meritorious Service Award of the United States National Guard.





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Men Of Arkansas - Battle Of Shiloh, 1991 (oil on canvas), Don Troiani / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images




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