Unlocking Success through your Keywording


Clients search for their images on our Bridgeman website in myriad different ways. Here we explore the different methods used by clients when licensing images for greetings cards in the Product sector.

Our aim is to encourage our Bridgeman Studio artists to successfully keyword their images so that they have the best chance of their images showing up in client’s searches. 


 Girl (2-3) blowing out candles on birthday cake, Graeme Harris (b.1945) / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images


Greetings cards are by nature specific to the item being created. They have the sole remit of guiding the customer towards the implied sentiment and therefore selling the card. Normally the card will convey a very specific mood or occasion. Use words to describe the use and scenario.


Summer Holiday, 2014, mixed media, Angela Keoghan / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images



peaceful; greetings card; print;wall art;travel;calendar


Inspire Yourself

When it comes to keywording, imagine that the image you’re cataloguing is being sold as a greetings card in a high street card shop.

Q: Which occasion does your image suit? birthday;wedding;anniversary;birth;blank message;graduation

Q: Which event could the image be used to celebrate? christmas;hannukah;Halloween;easter;bar mitzvah;eid

Q: What mood does the image convey?  joy;celebration;sadness;excitement;celebration;travel;going away;fresh starts


Dancing shadows , Still Life Regatta, 1990 (oil on canvas), Andrew Hewkin / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images

Example: celebration;anniversary;congratulations;

summer;blank message;happiness;



Sell, Sell, Sell

When keywording your images, it's worth considering all the possible uses for your work rather than focusing on one use alone. The more descriptive you can be with regards to potential uses, the more the image will show up in search results and the greater the liklihood is that your image will be chosen.

Q: What sort of product could my image be used to sell? Greetings card;wrapping paper;wall art;jigsaw puzzles


Pigeons over London (detail), 2010, (box construction), John Dilnot / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images


jigsaw puzzle;greetings card;placemat;poster;wrapping paper;wallpaper;calendar


Open to Interpretation

Clients will often license images for greetings cards which are open to interpretation. The cards are often blank, leaving the customer free to write their own message. For this reason, it is important to sum up the descriptors AND the potential range of moods that can be associated with an image. We call this conceptual keywording.

Q: What would the image say to the viewer? Joy;sympathy;love;support;for him;for her;condolences;support;admiration


 Cliff Birds, from the series Drama in the Fog, 2012 (photograph), Alice Gur-Arie / Bridgeman Images

Example: freedom;solitude;exploration;journey;



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