Spotlight: Portland Collection

We are delighted to represent the Portland collection, which holds treasures from across four centuries of collecting by the Cavendish-Bentinck family, who were the Dukes of Portland

Henry VIII in a grey doublet and fur gown (w/c & bodycolour on vellum), Lucas Horenbout or Hornebault (fl. 1534-44) / The Portland Collection, Harley Gallery, Welbeck Estate, Nottinghamshire / Bridgeman Images
William Arthur Henry Cavendish Bentinck, Marquess Of Titchfield (w/c on ivory), English School, (20th century) / The Portland Collection, Harley Gallery, Welbeck Estate, Nottinghamshire / Bridgeman Images



History of the Collection

The Portland Collection is housed in the 15,000 acre Welbeck Estate, nestled deep within Sherwood Forest. The Cavendish-Bentinck family assembled this historic collection over the course of four centuries.

The collection, which takes its name from the Dukes of Portland, holds a stunning range of objects which includes portraits, silverware and jewellery.

The collection is considered one of the finest aristocratic collections in England and contains one of the largest privately owned collections of British miniatures and portraits.



Highlighted Artworks and Pieces

Highlights of the collection are the impressive miniature paintings which date back to the sixteenth century. However these portraits were not used to line the walls of the family's house, Welbeck Abbey, but they were given as gifts. Often in the form of jewellery, these delicate gifts were more commonly portraits of family members. 

The collection contains masterpieces from some of the greatest miniature artists including German artist Christian Fredrich Zincke. On the right is a portrait of Lady Margaret Cavendish-Holles-Harley by the artist. She was the founder of the Portland Museum of art and natural history.

Other notable examples include works by English artist Samuel Cooper and Nicholas Dixon.


For Visitors

Earlier this year, Hugh Broughton Architects transformed the space that was once used to train racehorses into a modern gallery holding the collection.

Visitors are now able to marvel at the 5,000 piece collection in its entirety, while wandering around the luscious grounds of the estate. 



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