Interview with James Foot

Explore Bridgeman Studio artist James Foot's idyllic paintings ahead of his exhibition in Athens


1. What is your earliest memory of an artwork and who was it by?

Paintings by my grandmother - she encouraged me to paint when I was little so my earliest memory is her work and my own really. She was rather fabulously called Beryl Honebon (pronounced 'Honeybun').


Waterlily pond, James Foot


2. Where did you study?

Falmouth Scholl of Art, Cornwall.


3. What is your favourite time of day to be in the studio?

In the morning, from 8am to midday.


Two swimmers, Kyparissi, Greece, James Foot


Green boat, Geraka Limani, Greece, James Foot



4. Tell us about your upcoming show in Athens, what was the inspiration for this?

The inspiration is light on water and old greek fishing boats (Kaikia) - boats made in the traditional way for more than two millenia.


5. Which is your favourite painting in the exhibition?
I never really have 'favourite' but I like this image a lot and it has all the elements of the exhibition.
Kaiki Spetses, James Foot


6. If you could pick 5 artists, dead or alive, to have dinner with who would they be and why?

Fra Angelico, Chagall, Matisse, Turner, Monet - because they all obsessed about colour and light and how the latter dissolves and/or illuminates the former. Because they were all dazzlingly brilliant.


About the Exhibition

James Foot: Watercolours is showing at The Image Gallery, Amalias Avenue 36, Athens from 1st - 12th February 2018.

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