Captain Cook Royal Mail stamps produced using images licensed from Bridgeman


Client: Royal Mail

Sector: Postage Stamps

Content Used: Captain Cook related imagery, botanical drawings, sketches, paintings etc.

First Published: September 2018


Details: Royal Mail have recently released a series of commemorative stamps marking Captain Cook’s historic voyage of discovery aboard the Endeavour, utilising images licensed from Bridgeman.

We are proud to present these collectors' items which are available exclusively on the Royal Mail shop.





This limited edition range of stamps and collectibles aims to commemorate the 250th Anniversary of Captain Cook embarking on one of the greatest voyages of all time. 

The richly illustrated packs bring to life Captain Cook's three year voyage and all of the discoveries they made. Several versions include text documents detailing the origins and history of the images.





Images licensed here include content from the British Library, for whom Bridgeman is proud to represent exclusive copyright in the UK. The imagery used includes botanic drawings, paintings of people and places and documents from the original excursion in the 1760s.






Format: Available in 7 formats; Presentation packUncirculated Coin Cover, Stamp Set, Miniature Set, Stamp Souvenir, Postcard Set and Stamp Sheet Souvenir.

Order today on the Royal Mail website shop.


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