Bauhaus biographical novel released using Bridgeman Images

Client: Dumont
Sector:  Publishing
Content Used: Images (artwork and photography) related to the Bauhaus school
First Published: November 2018


Revedin's book is a hardback in its first edition with an attached bookmark


Details: This book, covering the life of the artist Ise Frank is titled in English ‘Everybody here calls me Mrs Bauhaus’, subtitled The Life of Ise Frank. It has not yet been released in English. Penned by Jana Revedin, it is a biographical novel set in the turbulent days of latter Weimar Germany, and has been created as we approach the centenary of the Bauhaus’ conception.

Revedin was born in Konstanz in 1965, and is an architect and author, specialising in writing on topics such as the reform of architecture that the bauhaus presented, placing her in an excellent position to write about those involved in its direct history. She studied in Buenos Aires and is now a professor of architecture in Paris.


The design and chapter fonts of the book are influenced by bauhaus design

In terms of the novel the book presents itself as the story of Ise Frank – partner of Walter Gropius and how she lived the bauhaus ethos:
SPRING 1923: Bookseller Ise Frank meets Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius. They marry and Ise becomes an irreplaceable partner in his life project for him. Money worries, academic intrigues, and the demise of democracy cannot weaken their collective work. Jana Revedin tells a fascinating piece of contemporary history on the occasion of the centenary of the Bauhaus anniversary.

Many of the illustrations and photographs used in the book have been sourced from the Bridgeman archive – high quality images coupled with the geometric minimalist graphics the bauhaus is known for result in an immaculately presented piece of work.


One of the images licensed from Bridgeman, depicting Schlemmer's Triadische Ballett

304 pages, with numerous b / w illustrations, bound with bookmark, printed header paper.



Format: Hardback book with sleeve
Pages: 304 pp
ISBN: 978-3-8321-8354-7

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