Max Ferguson


Max Ferguson, one of our acclaimed Bridgeman copyright artists, visited us recently in our Berlin office.


The artist's model holding Max Ferguson's painting "Deyrolle"


His painting Deyrolle will be auctioned on the 30th May at Galerie Bassenge, one of the oldest auction houses in Berlin.


Deyrolle, 2019 (oil on panel), Max Ferguson / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images


"Max Ferguson's painting leads us into the rooms of the Parisian naturalist Deyrolle. In a cabinet that is populated by stuffed exotic animals, a woman stands at an open drawer of a collection cabinet and looks at the objects in it."


Max Ferguson in the process of painting Deyroll


Here the artist with his work and the artist's model:


Max Ferguson with the model for his painting "Deyrolle"


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