Annual Review 2019

In 2019 we said goodbye to a selection of different celebrities. Join us for our overview.


Diahann Carroll (17th July 1935 - 4th October 2019)

American actress and singer, known for her role in "The Denver Clan".

XRD1702508 Bridgeman Images


Karel Gott (14th July 1939 - 1st October 2019)

Czech singer and composer.

UTD2861104 United Archives/Roba Archive / Bridgeman Images


Jessye Norman (15th September 1945 - 30th September 2019)

American Opera Singer

MRP3868486 © Peter Mares / Bridgeman Images


Jacques Chirac (29th November 1932 - 26th September 2019)

French Politican and former Prime Minister of the French Republic

CLP4131955 Photo © Prioli / Bridgeman Images


Peter Fonda (23rd February 1940 - 16th August 2019)

American actor and film director, best known for his role in "Easy Rider"

GCL3393218 Granger / Bridgeman Images


Princess Christina of Sweden (18th February 1947 - 16th August 2019)

The sister of Ex-queen Beatrix

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Rutger Hauer (23rd January 1944 - 19th July 2019)

Dutch actor best known for his role in ''Blade Runner''

PVD1696403 PVDE / Bridgeman Images


Andrea Camilleri (6th September 1925 - 17th July 2019)

Italian writer, known for his novel character Commissario Montalbano

OPA4549651 © Basso Cannarsa / Opale / Bridgeman Images


Artur Brauner (1st August 1918 - 7th July 2019)

German film producer, especially known for "The brave soldier Schweijk"

SZP716012 © SZ Photo / Kurt Schraudenbach / Bridgeman Images


Costa Cordalis (1st May 1944 - 2nd July 2019)

Pop singer who became famous with his song "Anita"


UTD2849276 United Archives/Roba Archive / Bridgeman Images


Mordillo (4th August 1932 - 29th June 2019)

Argentinian Cartoonist

MME4809931 Photo © Marcello Mencarini / Bridgeman Images


Wibke Bruhns (8th September 1938 - 20th June 2019)

The first woman to present a newscast

UTD2846260 United Archives/Roba Archive / Bridgeman Images


Niki Lauda (22nd February 1949 - 20th May 2019)

Formula 1 legend, businessman and pilot.

MEP2515019 Mondadori Portfolio/Alberto Roveri / Bridgeman Images


Ieoh Ming Pei (26th April 1917 - 16th May 2019)

Chinese-American architect, known for his design of the glass pyramid in the courtyard of the Louvre

XRA1659847 Photo © AGIP / Bridgeman Images


Hannelore Elsner (26th July 1942 - 21st April 2019)

German actress and author

UTD2845836 United Archives/Roba Archive / Bridgeman Images


Michael Gielen (20th July 1927 - 8th March 2019)

German-Austrian conductor

MME3828766 Bridgeman Images


André Previn (6th April 1929 - 28th February 2019)

German-American Pianist and Composer


GPM3873095 Photo © Suzie Maeder / Bridgeman Images


Gus Backus (12th September 1937 - 21st February 2019)

American musician and pop singer, known for songs like "The Old Indian Chief" and "Sauerkraut Polka"

UTD2858524 United Archives/Roba Archive / Bridgeman Images


Karl Lagerfeld (10th September 1933 - 19th February 2019)

Fashion icon and designer who lived in Paris

IPA2100211 Photo © IPA / Bridgeman Images


Bruno Ganz (22nd March 1941 - 16th February 2019)

Swiss actor known for his role as Adolf Hitler in ''Der Untergang''

OPA5668874 © Serge Cohen/Opale / Bridgeman Images


Gordon Banks (30th December 1937 - 12th February 2019)

English Goalkeeper

GCL3400307 Granger / Bridgeman Images


Tomi Ungerer (28th November 1931 - 9th February 2019)

French draftsman, cartoonist and children's book author


OPA4366048 © John Foley/Opale / Bridgeman Images


Albert Finney (9th May 1936 - 7th February 2019)

British Actor

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