Anna Teasdale, 1932-2020

Calgary House, Isle of Mull (oil on canvas), Anna Teasdale (1932-2020)
/ Private Collection / © Anna Teasdale

The Bath based landscape artist and long time art tutor Anna Teasdale has died aged 88. 
Anna ran away from a penurious and abusive childhood home as a teenager to follow her dream of attending art school. Poverty stricken and in between episodes of homelessness, Teasdale began studying at St Martins School of Art. She supported herself by offering her services as a model at the art school and illegally residing at a semi derelict bomb site, which meant there was no rent to pay.

It was at art school that Teasdale met rising art star Robyn Denny, who eventually became her husband. In spite of a glamourous circle that included the renowned painters Peter Blake and Richard Smith, and the reputable accolades of her husband, Teasdale’s own achievements were relatively modest, but did include regular shows and activities. Anna was closely associated with the major British artists and movements of the century.

Ramsey Island, Land and Sea No.2 (oil on canvas), Anna Teasdale (1932-2020)
/ Private Collection / © Anna Teasdale

Despite the commercial success she could have gained from her contemporaries, she remained proudly at the side-lines of it all. The young couple were lured away from London, moving their lives to the city of Bath, enticed by a lucrative teaching job offered to Denny, with Teasdale fitting in painting where she could while negotiating the domestic demands of motherhood.

Sadly, Teasdale was plunged back into the tumultuous world of financial instability when Denny left his young family. In response to this she informally set up the ‘Seymour Road Academy’ in her home, where she offered her teaching skills to those willing to learn.

Land and Sea No. I, Ramsey Island (oil on canvas), Anna Teasdale (1932-2020)
/ Private Collection / © Anna Teasdale

Even when restrained by duty Teasdale did not withdraw from her artistic commitment, any obstruction she came across was not viewed in a negative light, but simply an extension of creative life. Her lushly painted landscapes, rich in texture and colour will always be a much loved part of her oeuvre.

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