A day in quarantine: punch needle embroidery

One interesting way of escaping social media these days is punch needle embroidery!

by Katie Harker, Picture and Footage Researcher Bridgeman London


Katie finishing off one of her embroidery pieces


I noticed that I was spending way way too long on my phone, scrolling twitter or the news for hours on end which wasn't helping my mental state at all.. so I decided to finally get round to doing something I'd wanted to try for a while (after seeing it on instagram..!)



Punch needle embroidery looked easy and fun, so I ordered a kit online and started to learn the basics.*


I won't pretend I really know how it works, but once the needle is threaded (step 1!) with a wire threader, you simply punch it into the fabric which creates small loops on the reverse side, which then stay in place as you carry on punching along a line, it's very simple and quick to get the hang of.



I have found it incredibly therapeutic, and love having something to do which keeps me away from screens. I have already ordered more wool & canvas to do another.

Luckily all this can be ordered online without the need to step foot outside your door..!



I chose to do a Mount Fuji design, a place with wonderful memories for me and I always find images of it very calming (including my favourite, Hokusai - South Wind, Clear Dawn, from the series '36 Views of Mount Fuji', c.1830-1831 (woodblock print))


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