A day in quarantine: the best company

Self isolating? This is the best company!

by Heidi Bonfante, Project Manager Bridgeman London


Heidi and her purr-fect friend


My cat became my new coworker and i am so grateful to have him around all day.

Being stuck at home is not fun, I have been creating my routine but my partner is working on the front helping with food being delivered to care homes, therefore I am working alone at home.



I am grateful to have my cat around and I can speak to someone without sounding crazy …

I just love having my breaks with him, taking five to ten minutes to goof around and pet him relaxes me so much and the rest of the time he is usually sleeping never too far from me. His favourite place is obviously my chair.



It has been proven that having a cat helps with stress, anxiety and even depression.


ANO5244508 © Sarah Battle / Bridgeman Images


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APC5943642 © Léa Le Pivert / Bridgeman Images

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