Top Tips for Self Isolating Artists

The Painter's Room, 1944 (oil on canvas), Lucian Freud (1922-2011)
/ Private Collection / © The Lucian Freud Archive

In this ever changing world, Bridgeman Images is dedicated to supporting artists and estates, protecting their copyright and negotiating the royalties owed through image licensing. With galleries and auction houses closing and exhibitions being postponed, we know that many artists may be worried about the financial uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing.

Firstly, we wanted to assure you that whilst current government guidance prevents us from working at our office, Bridgeman Images remains ‘open’ and fully operational. 

Cloudy Afternoon, 2019, Le Pivert / Private Collection / © Léa Le Pivert

1. Claim Royalties For Your Work!

Royalties can provide a reliable source of income during these unprecedented times. Here are a few options from Bridgeman, which might help you pick up some extra income:

a) Licensing

We represent almost 1000 artists for licensing right across publishing, editorial, advertising, television, design and product sectors. We also administer copyright in estates such as Lucian Freud, Stanley Spencer, Alberto Giacometti and established living artists such as Gavin Turk, Maggie Hambling, Bruce McLean, Patrick Hughes and Eileen Cooper RA. 

We don’t operate like an agency, rather we work more broadly without a house style, offering a wide range of artistic styles and curated content to specific client sectors.

We have offices in London, New York, Paris, Bologna and Berlin and work with over 40,000 clients worldwide as well as agencies who operate on our behalf in regions like south-east Asia, Japan, and South America.

To join the Bridgeman Copyright Service contact

Nuria, 2000 (oil on canvas), Euan Uglow (1932-2000) / Private Collection

b) Bridgeman Footage

If any artists have questions relating to the conservation, preservation, and access to film and video (analogue, digital) collections that you may have in studios, sheds, lofts and offices, please get in touch with Alex Wilson.


c) Payback

We’ve just extended the deadline for our Payback scheme until 24 April 2020. If you’ve had work published in UK books, magazines or on tv, you could be eligible to claim. 

Find out more and sign up

Reflection (Self Portrait), 1985 (oil on canvas), Lucian Freud (1922-2011)
/ Private Collection / © The Lucian Freud Archive / Bridgeman Images

2. Utilise ACS – the Artists’s Collecting Society

Artist's Resale Right

Has your work been resold on the art market for €1,000 or more? If so, our sister company The Artists' Collecting Society (ACS) can help you claim the Artist's Resale Right owed to you.  The Artist’s Resale Right entitles artists to a royalty payment every time a work of art is re-sold by an art market professional. ACS monitors the art market and collects royalties on your behalf, find out more on the ACS website

The Bridgeman Folio / Bridgeman Images

3. Discover the Bridgeman Folio

We will be donating 25% of the profits from the sale of any prints from the Bridgeman Folio to the RA Schools. To buy a print contact


4. Listen to Bridgeman Studio's favourite inspirational podcasts for artists and creators!

Great Women Artists

Katy Hessel launched her podcast 'The Great Women Artists Podcast' in September 2019, building on from her influential instagram account @thegreatwomenartists.

Bow Down: Women In Art

Jennifer Higgie's podcast 'Bow Down: Women in Art', has received rave reviews; the Editor at Large of Frieze Magazine is known as one of the best moderators in the business. Check out Max Mara Prize Winner 'Helen Cammock on Artemesia Gentileschi'!


5. Get in touch with us if you have any queries, issues or questions. Our team remain on hand to help with any of your requests. Contact


Bridgeman Images

Bridgeman Images offers the highest resolution rights managed images for licensing. Please contact us for free image research or to learn more.

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