A day in quarantine: beaded murals

Want to relief stress and calm your hands from the safety of your home? We've got a solution for you!

by Joanna Smith, Customer Service Representative Bridgeman New York


Joanna with her artwork


"I'm working on a beaded mural because it gives my hands something to do. It's also a great way to relieve stress in these uncertain times."



To accomplish it, dip the pink pen in the square of wax and then pick up a bead with the pen. Next, press the bead down onto the corresponding number. It's as fun and simple as that!*



In need of some images? Check out some of our favourite beads in the archive


Marrakech, Morocco, Africa (photo) / Amy Toensing/National Geographic Image Collection / Bridgeman Images


What is your favourite pastime in these challenging times? Get in touch and let us know


Kazuri Beads, Kenya, Africa / Keith Levit / Design Pics / Bridgeman Images


*Please bear in mind that these are just suggestions, follow these tips sensibly and at your own discretion. Bridgeman are not liable for any damage that may arise from them.

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