Edmund Fairfax-Lucy, 1945-2020

Interior of Madonna Dell’Orto, Venice / Edmund Fairfax-Lucy (1945-2020)

Edmund Fairfax Lucy 1945-2020
(Sir Edmund John William Hugh Ramsay-Fairfax-Lucy, 6th Bt)

It is with great sadness that we announce Bridgeman Copyright artist Sir Edmund Fairfax-Lucy died on 30th March 2020. Fairfax-Lucy is a former master of the Art Worker's guild and student at the Royal Academy Schools where he studied under the painter Peter Greenham. Greenham was a wonderful painter of contemplative observed landscapes and portraits, and was a great influence on Farifax-Lucy and his painting. He was also a close friend of Allan Gwynne Jones (also a bridgeman copyright artist), a masterful painter of landscape, still life, and tonal paintings.

Flowers in an Alcove / Edmund Fairfax-Lucy (1945-2020)

From these and other influences and through a great deal of discussion and practice and observation of both nature and of the Old Masters, Fairfax-Lucy was able to paint beautiful and evocative interiors and landscapes. Such is the intensity of these pictures that although they only rarely contain figures, they give the very strong impression of being filled with life and activity. Fairfax-Lucy's particular gifts lay in the careful observation and rendering of tone.

Interior with Four Poster Bed and Mirror (w/c on paper) / Edmund Fairfax-Lucy (1945-2020)

For him there was no absolute white or black, light or dark, but an intricate gradation, determined partly through the effect of the atmosphere between the object and the eye and partly through contrast with surrounding objects. 

"....The time of year, time of day and light are never the same two days on end, so it is always exciting..."

His first one-man exhibition was in 1971 at the New Grafton Gallery and he first exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Show in 1967. He continued to exhibit in numerous exhibitions throughout the UK.

Brass Chandelier / Edmund Fairfax-Lucy (1945-2020)

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