Fernando Aznar Cenamor

Fernando Aznar Cenamor is our July Artist of the Month 2015. Check out his detailed historical and monumental architectural illustrations and discover more about the artist in our exclusive interview.

Marco Cazzulini

Marco Cazzulini is our June Artist of the Month 2015. Have a look at what motivates his colour-potent paintings and graphic designs.

Jane Tattersfield

Jane Tattersfiled is our artist of the month for May 2015. In our interview with Jane we find out about the artists who have inspired her bright and colourful work, her passion for India and what a day in the life of Jane looks like in her studio at the end of her garden listening to radio 4. Sounds blissful doesn't it!

Alice Gur-Arie

Alice Gur-Arie is our Artist of the Month for April 2015. An internationally recognized photographer, Alice discusses travel, process and working on both sides of a commission with us.

Sarah Hough

Sarah Hough, our Artist of the Month for March 2015 talks surface pattern, colour and what inspires her bold illustrations.

Laura Garcia Serventi

Laura Garcia Serventi is our Artist of the Month for February 2015. Hear about her work as a set-designer, her love of plants and how she loves to work on commissions.

Noel Paine

Read about artist Noel Paine's beautiful reality of intensive abstract landscape work.

Giorgia Siriaco

Giorgia Siriaco is our December 2014 Artist of the Month. An Italian living in California and a Research Scientist by day, read about how her surroundings and work inspire her beautiful paintings.

Neela Pushparaj

We talk with Studio Artist Neela Pushparaj about the transition from medicine to watercolors.

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