Vanessa Bowman

Vanessa Bowman is our Artist of the Month for November 2014. Read about family inspiration and the best possible accompaniment when viewing one's own work!

Carlton Murrell

Studio artist Carlton Murrell shares with us the journey of his career, from Barbados to New York.

Sally Muir

London's October Artist of the Month talks about poodle-fur landscapes, knitting your own pets and working with fashion retailer Anthrolopogie.

David Arsenault

Inspired by upstate New York, Davis Arsenault talks to us about his artistic process.

Megan Moore

Bridgeman Studio Artist of the Month for August talks to us about trying to pick a favorite color and other details in her full and hectic life as an artist, graphic designer and mother.

Jenny Wheatley

Jenny Wheatley talks commissions, working to Radio4 and exciting times travelling through Polynesia

Emma Haworth

Emma Haworth talks to us about her urban landscapes and the stories behind the people who inhabit them.

Rachel Pedder-Smith

Rachel Pedder-Smith invites us to examine the specimens which appear in impressive detail throughout her watercolour paintings.

Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell invites us into her studio in south London to discuss her work, new commissions and how Bridgeman Studio is an exciting new venture for her.

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