Bridgeman Footage: 2014 Anniversaries

Bridgeman Footage holds a wealth of clips of, and relating to, many of 2014's major anniversaries. Click through to discover history in motion... 




Battle of Monte Cassino, WWII – 70 years

On 17-18th January 1944, the Allies made a series of assaults on the Winter Line during the Italian Campaign of WWII. Here, German soldiers are under attack in the ruins of Monte Cassino, while news cameraman, Billy Jordan, tells the story of filming the bombing.

Death of Vladimir Lenin – 90 years

On 21st January 1924 Russian communist revolutionary, Vladimir Lenin, died in Moscow after a series of strokes. 

Death of Salvador Dali – 25 years

On 23rd January 1989 Spanish Surrealist painter, Salvador Dali, died of heart failure. This 1968 documentary discusses the Surrealist art movement and its heritage.



Death of Woodrow Wilson – 90 years

On February 3rd 1923 U.S. President, Woodrow Wilson, died of heart problems and became the first and only president to be interred in Washington D.C.

The Beatles arrive in the USA – 50 years

On 7th February 1964, the Beatles landed at JFK Airport to an estimated 4,000 fans. Their US tour brought the band to global stardom and kick-started a change in attitude to popular music in America.


Yuri Gagarin visits Manchester, 1961 / Bridgeman Art Library
Yuri Gagarin visits Manchester, 1961 / Bridgeman Images



Birth of Yuri Gagarin – 80 years

On the 9th March 1934, Soviet cosmonaut and first human in space, Yuri Gagarin, was born. Awarded with his nation’s highest accolades, he became an international celebrity and had his birth town named in his honour. Here, Gagarin visits Manchester in 1961.

Last eruption of Mount Vesuvius – 70 years

This famous volcano, in the Gulf of Naples, erupted three times in the early 20th century, with its final eruption on 18th March 1944. The previous eruption was in 1929, the very year Philip de Laszlo, the famous Hungarian painter, visited Mount Vesuvius with his Kodak camera. Walking dangerously close there, de Laszlo!



Official opening of the Eiffel Tower – 125 years

Paris’s iconic Eiffel Tower opened to its first visitors on the 31st March 1889.  With elevators not yet in operation, the ascent was made on foot and took over an hour. The Tower features many times in our archive, in both historic and contemporary contexts.



Birth of NATO – 65 years

On 4th April 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty was signed, sealing an intergovernmental military alliance between countries mainly in Europe and North America. Bridgeman Footage is home to a large collection of NATO-sponsored films and documentary footage.

Birth of Charlie Chaplin – 125 years

On 16th April 1889 silent film actor, Charlie Chaplin, was born in South London. Chaplin features briefly in our archive, amidst a crowd of fans in 1920s Berlin.

Birth of Adolf Hitler – 125 years

On 20th April 1889, Adolf Hitler was born, in a small town on the Bavarian border. The Nazi dictator features prominently throughout our collection of WWII footage and Eva Braun’s home movies.



First Mother’s Day (United States) – 100 years

On May 9th, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation declaring the 1st national Mother’s Day as a day for American citizens to honour those mothers whose sons had died in war.


Inauguration of Nelson Mandela - 20 years

On 10th May 1994, Nelson Mandela was sworn in as the first black president of South Africa. In his inaugural address, the anti-apartheid revolutionary, who spent 27 years of his life as a political prisoner of the South African government, declared that "the time for the healing of the wounds has come."


Funeral of Franz Ferdiand, 1914 / Bridgeman Art Library
Funeral of Franz Ferdiand, 1914 / Bridgeman Art Library



Normandy Landings, WWII – 70 years

The successful Allied invasion of Normandy commenced on Tuesday 6th June 1944.  Leading to the liberation of France in August of that year, it became the most celebrated D-Day of WWII.

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand – 100 years

On the 28th June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife were assassinated in Sarajevo. This political act on behalf of Bosnian Serb activists caused Austria-Hungary to declare war, and directly led to the outbreak of WWI.





End of food rationing in the United Kingdom – 60 years

On 4th July 1954, all food rationing formally ended in Britain after a 14-year period, which began in 1940 during WWII. The archive holds many examples of rationing in various countries during the War.

First World War – 100 years

On 28th July 1914, the first global war broke out between the Allies and the Central Powers, becoming the fifth deadliest conflict in world history.  Find footage covering the battles, home fronts and politics of the Great War in our extensive collection.



Death of Paul von Hindenburg – 80 years

On 2nd August 1934, 2nd President of Germany Paul von Hindenburg died of lung cancer. Two hours later, Adolf Hitler was announced as Leader and Chancellor of Germany.

German Invasion of Belgium, WWI – 100 years

Despite Belgium's intention of neutrality in the Great War, Germany began its invasion of the country on the 3rd of August 1914, declaring war on all of the Allied Powers. This triggered Belgium's and Britain's entry into WWI.

Battle of Tannenberg, WWI – 100 years

The Russian Second Army and the German Eighth Army went head to head in the Battle of Tannenberg on the 23rd August 1914, one of the first battles of the Great War. The Russian Second Army was almost completely destroyed.

Death of Charles Lindbergh – 40 years

On August 26th 1974, famous aviation pioneer Charles Lindbergh died of lymphoma at the age of 72. At 25, Lindbergh became an “overnight” sensation after his ground-breaking 1927 flight from New York to Paris. In 1932 his son was kidnapped, a crime which became one of the most highly publicised of the century.


The Battle of the Marne, 5th September, 1914 / Bridgeman Art Library
The Battle of the Marne, 5th September, 1914 / Bridgeman Images



Second World War – 75 years

Widely regarded to have begun on 1st September 1939, World War II was the most widespread, and thus deadliest, war in history. Bridgeman Footage holds collections covering various territories during WWII, including a vast body of material from the Netherlands.

Battle of the Marne, WWI – 100 years

On 5th September 1914, the Battle of the Marne began, forcing the German Imperial Army to retreat northeast, and setting the stage for four years of trench warfare on the Western Front.



First Battle of Ypres, WWI – 100 years

Beginning on the 19th October 1914, the First Battle of Ypres was fought between the German and Western Allies to secure the town of Ypres in Western Belgium. The Allies won and the battle ceased on 22nd November.


The fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989 / Bridgeman Art Library
The fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989 / Bridgeman Images



Fall of the Berlin Wall – 25 years

On 9th November 1989, it was announced by the new East German government that the gates along the Berlin Wall were to be opened, allowing East and West Berliners to cross freely after nearly 30 years of separation.

Birth of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec – 150 years

On the 24th November 1864, French painter and printmaker Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was born. He became a prominent member of the Post-Impressionist art movement with his theatrical representations of the decadent Paris in which he lived.

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