12th March 1967 (52 Years)
Achmed Sukarno the Indonesian leader of independence was stripped of his title. 50 years
12th March 2015 (4 Years)
Sir Terence David John Pratchett, English author of fantasy novels, especially comical works, dies aged 66. 5 years.
13th March 1593 (426 Years)
Georges de La Tour, French painter, was born. 425 years.
13th March 1864 (155 Years)
Alexej von Jawlensky, Russian painter and printmaker, active in Germany, was born. 155 years.
13th March 1930 (89 Years)
The German artist Günther Uecker, most famous for the use of nails in his art, is born. 85 years.
13th March 2013 (6 Years)
Pope Francis is elected, in the papal conclave, as the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church. 5 years.
14th March 1864 (155 Years)
Samuel Baker, the British explorer discovers Lake Albert in east Africa. 150 years.
14th March 1879 (140 Years)
Albert Einstein was born. 140 years
14th March 1883 (136 Years)
Karl Marx, philosopher, economist, sociologist, journalist and revolutionary socialist, died. 135 years.
14th March 1885 (134 Years)
The Mikado a light opera by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, had its first public performance in London. 65 years.
14th March 1915 (104 Years)
The English artist and book illustrator Walter Crane dies. 100 years.
14th March 1958 (61 Years)
Albert II, Prince of Monaco, son of Prince Ranieri III and Grace Kelly, was born. 60 years.
14th March 1964 (55 Years)
Jack Ruby, who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, is found guilty and sentenced to the electric chair. 55 years.
14th March 1991 (28 Years)
Margery Sharp, English writer most famous for The Rescuers series, dies. 25 years.
15th March 1767 (252 Years)
Andrew Jackson, American soldier and statesman who served as the 7th President of the United States, was born. 250 years
15th March 1917 (102 Years)
Czar Nicholas II, ruler of Russia since 1894, was forced to abdicate the throne. End of Russian Empire. 100 years
15th March 1917 (102 Years)
Czar Nicholas II, ruler of Russia since 1894, was forced to abdicate the throne. End of Russian Empire. 100 years
15th March 1943 (76 Years)
David Cronenberg, Canadian actor, director, and screenwriter, was born. 75 years.
15th March 1990 (29 Years)
Mikhail Gorbachev became president of Soviet Union. 30 years.
15th March 1990 (29 Years)
Michael Gorbachev becomes president of the Soviet Union. 25 years.
16th March 1957 (62 Years)
Romanian Abstract Sculptor Constantin Brancusi died. 60 years
16th March 1976 (43 Years)
British Prime Minister Harold Wilson resigned, citing personal reasons. 40 years.
17th March 1905 (114 Years)
Franklin Roosevelt married Eleanor Roosevelt. 115 years.
17th March 1919 (100 Years)
Nat King Cole was born. 100 years
17th March 1938 (81 Years)
Rudolf Khametovich Nureyev, Russian-French dancer and choreographer, was born. 80 years.
17th March 1941 (78 Years)
The National Gallery of Art was officially opened in Washington by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. 75 years.
17th March 1944 (75 Years)
Pattie Boyd, English model and photographer, was born. 75 years
18th March 1766 (253 Years)
American Revolution: the British Parliament repealed the Stamp Act. 250 years.
18th March 1768 (251 Years)
Laurence Sterne, Irish novelist, died. 250 years.
18th March 1937 (82 Years)
Charles Haslewood Shannon, lithographer and painter died. 80 years.

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