"As a photographer, I am on a journey to understand the landscape as both a definition of home and a sense of place. My own interpretation of home has come to mean something different which has lead me to create work that questions the status quo. I explore ways of photographing that intrigue, inspire and generate a certain disposition or even create a sense of ones self and the environment that surrounds."

Georgina graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in Photography in 2008. She was shortlisted for a Nikon Discovery Award shortly after and has since continued to work with an array of creative consultants and design clients.


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  • 2015 La Femme Fatale, La Forgerie, France
  • 2008 RSA Student Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
  • 2007 Collective Exhibition for ECA class of 2008, Total Kunst Gallery


  • 2008 Photography, Edinburgh College of Art - Edinburgh University


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