Born on 7th February 1980 in Panama City. Having not had formal training I had the luxury of not knowing what was right or wrong. I have been inspired in the past by children's imagination and how that can take a viewer and artist anywhere. I am also interested in movement and finding the beauty on things that may originally seem rough or brutal. The aim is to create something from a seemingly ordinary original idea, to end up with something out of the ordinary.


  • 2016 Still Here, lazarides
  • 2015 I see you see, Lazarides
  • 2014 Art 14 - Art Fair, lazarides
  • 2013 Behind Closed Doors, Lazarides
  • 2013 Brutal - Lazarides, 180 Strand
  • 2012 Every day's a school day, Lazarides
  • 2012 Bedlam - Lazaries, Old Vic Tunnels
  • 2011 The Minotaur - Lazarides, Old Vic Tunnels


  • 2000 Business, UWE - Bristol
  • 1993 All, Radley College


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