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Handle consisting of little head of head priest Isis, detail of bronze shell-shaped cup, House of Fabio Rufo, Pompeii, Campania, Italy, Roman civilization, 1st century AD
Handle consisting of a little head of the head priest Isis, detail of a bronze shell-shaped cup, House of Fabio Rufo, Pompeii, Campania, Italy. Roman civilisation, 1st century AD. Manico costituito da una testina di sacerdote isiaco, particolare di coppa in bronzo a forma di conchiglia, Casa di Fabio Rufo, Pompei, Campania, Italia. Civiltà romana, I secolo dC.
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De Agostini Picture Library / L. Pedicini / Bridgeman Images
1st century ad / close-up / cup / religions / male likeness / part of / centuries / first century ad / antiquity / priest / handle / italy / studio shot / campania / art and craft / male portrait / bronze work / decorative arts and crafts / ancient religions / roman civilization / no people / pompeii / europe / figurine / history / pompei / isis / horizontal / bronze / pompei (reperto da) / imperial age (27 bc-476 ad) / house of fabio rufo
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