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Churchill, Queen Elizabeth II, launching of British ships of C20
1966 (C20th)
Clip from Centenary, an award-winning documentary (BISFA Gold Award 1967 best UK documentary) made by Peter Baylis & John Edwards, a duo who won BISFA Gold for a record-breaking three years running. 'Centenary' was sponsored by Vickers & chronicled the social and industrial history of the 20th century whilst also showcasing Vickers’ contribution to technology and innovation. Shown as a cinema short distributed by Ranks, it was shot on 35mm and narrated by Anthony Quayle. The B&W footage of heavy engineering will never be duplicated. Images of power stations, London life, Britain's naval capacity, great inventors and engineers including Brunel, the build-up to World War 1, soldiers leaving for WW1, the advent of electricity, steelworks, arms trade, trains, shipbuilding, nuclear submarines, missile launchers, early aircraft, record flights including first flight to Australia, Barnes Wallace - very rare footage and probably the last film of him as he hated being filmed, the making of nylon, hospital scenes, between the war scenes, Jarrow march, factory workers, world war 2 manufacturing scenes, WW2 soldiers, a WW2 aircraft & munitions, a chronicle of the age of technology through the 20th century ending with a 1966 helicopter shot over London. Film interspersed with Vickers offices, meetings, boardroom and Millbank House, Vickers HQ at that time. Vickers closed their film library and gave footage to John Edwards who rescued much of it from a tip ready for disposal!
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