A day in quarantine: yoga

We're introducing daily yoga exercises to keep you grounded and quieten your mind.

by Rebeca Faramin, Management Accountant Bridgeman London


Pose 1


I have a daily practice. Since we have been in quarantine my practice has been mainly to focus on being grounded. Grounding exercises help me to bring myself into the present moment, to relax and to quieten my mind. Restorative poses in bed with lots of pillows before sleep are my favourites at the moment… They help me to relax my entire body, calm my mind and sleep better. Hope you enjoy them!*


Try these few poses and hold them for between 8 - 14 minutes. I use my Savasana playlist to help me to relax even more…  


1.Child’s Pose - Balasana. Rest your chest and tummy on two stacked pillows with knees wide apart and toes touching. Look towards one side, resting the side of your face and ear on the pillow, closing your eyes. Rest your arms on the sides of the pillow. After a few minutes change side - Look towards the other side.  Focus your attention on your breath flowing in and out.


Pose 2


2. Reclining Bound Angle Pose - Supta Baddha Konasana.  Lie on your back. Bring the soles of your feet together with knees bent. Place a pillow under both thighs or folding the pillows if you need or want more support (optional pillow behind the head). Place hands on your body (belly, ribs, one hand in your belly and one in your upper chest). Close your eyes. Bring your awareness to your hands resting on your body and feel the rise and fall of your torso with each slow and light inhalation and exhalation. 


Pose 3


3.Legs up the wall - Viparita Karani. Scoot your body up sideways against a wall or the headboard of your bed. Swing your legs up the wall and lie your torso onto the bed. Use a pillow under your pelvis, lower back. I like to place my legs in line with the hips and after a few minutes I like to go a bit wider than the hips. Place your hands by your side or on your body (tummy, ribs, one hand in your belly the other one in your upper chest). Close your eyes and bring awareness to your breath. 


Pose 4


4. Corpse Pose -Savasana. Slip yourself under the duvet and lie on your back. Place a pillow under your head. Option to place pillows behind knees for more support. Rest your hands by your sides or on your body. Allow your body to rest, to be soft and heavy. Let it feel like you are melting  into the bed. Be aware of your breath flowing through the whole body. You might fall asleep in this pose… 




Sadhu or holy man, North India (photo) / © World Religions Photo Library / Bridgeman Images


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Detail of a relief depicting a musicians and acrobats / Werner Forman Archive / Bridgeman Images


What is your favourite pastime in these challenging times? Get in touch and let us know


*Please bear in mind that these are just suggestions, follow these tips sensibly and at your own discretion. Bridgeman are not liable for any damage that may arise from them.

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